How to diffuse curly hair without frizz

This one is for all my curly/wavy girls out there!

With summer just ending and fall beginning a weather change has definitely occurred and it’s not getting along with my hair 😦

I have only used heat 5-10 times throughout the whole year, I was trying out the “curly girl method.” This method comes with a catch and it’s using no heat- well today I broke this rule and it was 100% WORTH IT. I always let my hair air dry but recently it’s been creating its own frizz and it’s out of control! There is no product that eliminates it or even calms it down- it’s because there is no problem with the product, the problem is with the application. This motivated me to test out the diffuser that’s been hiding underneath my bathroom sink all year!


Step 1: Use your favorite curl cream, gel or heck even both (which is what I chose!) I used my holy grail products: ISO Curl Bounce Cream and BounceCurl gel. Scrunch this into your hair in big sections, the bigger the section the better the curl will be. Scrunching in big sections creates big bouncy weightless curls. Be sure to flip your hair over and scrunch upside down for volume. Don’t be scared to put some gel on the top-mid level of your hair to eliminate frizz.

Step 2: Separate your hair into small-medium sections and place it inside the diffuser, once you get to the mid-upper level of your hair leave the blow dryer on that flat surface. DO NOT move the diffuser, moving the diffuser creates frizz. Once on the desired flat surface, turn the blow dryer on. If you have damaged hair use the low setting, if you have healthy hair you can use the high setting. Regardless of what condition your hair is in, use the cool setting so it won’t cause major future damage to your hair. Also, use a heat protectant spray if you have one 🙂

Step 3: Repeat step 2 until all of your hair is almost dry. Once my hair was getting close I added more product and flipped my hair over and diffused the curls upside down. My hair is straight-wavy on the top and doesn’t get much volume, so I removed the diffuser and flipped my hair over to dry the roots.

Step 4: Add more product if desired. Now you’re done! 🙂

For this being the first real success I had in diffusing my hair, I’m highly satisfied with the outcome. I had ZERO frizz which never happens and it was 97% humid outside and raining the whole entire day! Secondly, my hair is soooo soft it feels and looks like I have no product at all in my hair! I actually had a few people think I had so products in my hair at all- it looks very natural! I won’t do this every day due to potential hair damage but every once in awhile it’ll be worth it, without question! If you have ever wanted to diffuse your hair go for it! Before you plan on it make sure you have about 30 minutes set aside to do it 😉 The downfall is that it’s time-consuming but hey, anything worth it doesn’t come easy! 

Listed below is a blow-dryer guide from, this guide is extremely beneficial and helps you find the blow-dryer that’s best for YOUR hair type. It even goes in depth on what heat and speed settings should be used for your specific hair type, instructions on how to clean your filter and my personal favorite, how to reduce frizz! 🙂

Watch the steps below in action! 





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