Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette Review and Swatches

It has been nearly two months since the highly anticipated JACLYN HILL X MORPHE palette was released. I purchased this after it was sold out so I’ve played with this palette for a good month now.  There has been HUNDREDS of mixed reviews on this palette,  many beauty bloggers shaming it on purpose and many Morphe affiliates claiming to love it. So what does that leave the average joe to believe?

Like all of the average joe’s out there, I was torn between what to do. Should I purchase this palette, it seems like a good deal right? You get 35 uniquely pressed shades for $38, but then after you add the shipping charge of nearly $8 the palette goes up to $46 before taxes. You can use an affiliate code but in this situation it would only save you about $4 anyway. You can get a higher end palette for the same price in stores and not have to wait for it at all! The downfall to that is that it won’t have 35 shades, but hey maybe you won’t use all of them anyway.

The other alternative is that you can spend over $70 to stock up on makeup or gifts and use an affiliate code for 10% off. That’s the route I took with this, I got a palette for myself and gifted another. If you’re a beauty blogger (which I wasn’t then) you can purchase multiple and do a give-away!

So my thoughts on this palette…



The hype is well earned! I know many reviews can come off bias because of all the affiliates and bloggers getting free items. I am un-affiliated, not sponsored in anyway and paid for this with my own hard earned money like the rest of you. ANDDD I honestly love the palette. It wore exactly the same on my eyes for nearly 13 hours through rain and humidity! I was so surprised!!! I have the 35F palette by Morphe and it does not wear long at all but this palette did. Jaclyn did an amazing job on how it was packaged and I believe thats what made the wear time last so long.

The shades in this palette don’t feel as buttery-soft as they do in the other Morphe palettes. The shimmers don’t appear to be as shimmery as the other palettes, but that is easily fixed if you apply it with your finger and press it on or use and setting spray or water on a flat shader brush or heck, even with your finger! The mattes in here blend very easily, the only problem I had with this is that they can easily be washed out in the crease. A trick I learned with them is to apply certain colors you don’t want to get washed away with a dense brush, yes even in the crease. I typically use soft brushes in the crease but with this palette I go back in with a dense brush to make the colors pop. My favorite shade Cremescicle in this palette is one of those shades so if you’re having issues with that one getting washed out try that tip 🙂 When I first tried this palette and noticed shades getting washed out I was a bit bummed out but you just have to learn the right technique to apply the shades and they come out beautiful. And to everyone complaining about the palette being white and getting dirty, it comes right off with a makeup wipe 🙂

This palette no doubt is one of a kind, 35 shades of warm and cool tones with unique pops of color- thats something I’ve never seen tied into one palette. All I can say is Jaclyn slayed as she always does ❤

Swatches WITHOUT flash

 Swatches WITH flash

View my makeup tutorial and wear test on this palette here:

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