“No Makeup-Makeup”

So what is the “No Makeup Makeup” trend exactly and does it really look like you’re not wearing makeup when it’s all said and done??

Well today I am putting this to the test.

Since I live in an extremely high humidity environment I usually don’t wear heavy makeup during the summer, but I never thought wearing light makeup would become a trend. Is mascara and eyeliner excluded? Can you still bronze up the face? Are only nude colors allowed? What do most people consider this trend to be??

For years I used to only wear the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer with no liquid foundation and Bare Minerals face powder over it. It actually looked all natural, as if that was really my natural skin. Well it’s sad to say but those days are now over, there came a point where buying $30 concealer every 2-3 months for a college kid just wasn’t in the budget anymore.

I changed over to drugstore makeup where I fell in love with the Maybelline Matte and Powerless foundation, it kept my skin matte but didn’t leave me looking matte. It still gave me a natural, hydrating finish and it didn’t break the bank. I used this in my “No Makeup Makeup look” video along with the aqua water infused bronzer/blush by elf, highlighter, and some bronzy eyeshadow. I made sure to use a bronzy-shimmery eyeshadow close to skin tone to make it all look natural. I did press pressed powder into the face to keep my face from turning into a grease ball throughout the day (I have extremely oily skin and live in the South) do others consider this breaking the rules from a no makeup look?

Is this what you would consider a no makeup look? Do you guys think I achieved this by the video &/or picture?? Please comment down below and share you’re opinion on this trend 🙂 I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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